Who are we and What do we do?

We are a Health, Fitness and Wellness Brand. We have a strong ethos in which our business is run.

Who is it for?

Our main persona of who we work with, but more importantly, who we are able to help, are Health, Fitness and Wellness businesses that are looking for either a way to get out of their business without damaging what they have put in place, or owners that is looking for help to grow their business as it is at a stage where they are no longer able to move it forward. However, although the mentioned industry is our main focus, we do have partnering companies that offer a similar service as ours to other sectors. So feel free to contact us, and we will see if it is something of interest to our partners. Obviously, the criteria will differ but happy to see if we can help either way.

our team

Sunil Francis


Entrepreneur | Health, Fitness and Wellness Industry Expert | Investor | Advisor | Consultant

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