About Us

We are a Health, Fitness and Wellness Brand. Our Aim, Vision and Mission is:

Our Aims

• To acquire, build and advise/consult businesses that help individuals get the right treatment and service • We educate people, both inside and outside of the Health and Fitness “world” • Provide informative information and guidance that people can use and utilise to gather knowledge and apply to their lives in a safe and efficient way

Our Vision

We envision a world where getting THE RIGHT treatment is easily accessible to most of the population and the waiting time is near to none. We want to reduce the strain on the NHS’s MSK (musculoskeletal) department which tends to have a waiting time of over 10 weeks. We want to make sure people receive the right treatment and not what people assume would be the right treatment. We foresee a world with a reduction is MSK pain issues, or at minimum the ability for those that do encounter these problems, the accessibility and ability to get the right treatment.

Our Mission

We Build, Acquire, Consult or Advise Businesses in the Health, Fitness and Wellness industry. We focus on making there better and allowing them to play into our vision or making the right treatment accessible to most of the population

How we do it

Those that benefit from what we do is Business owners looking to retire looking to improve the businesses operation and efficiency. The general population also benefits from what we do as a secondary beneficiary of what and how we do what we do.

We use our extensive knowledge and experience of the industry to help offer our beneficiaries an optimum and word-class service that will be unmatched.

We offer an unmatched solution to all business owners in the Health, Fitness and Wellness Space looking to retire or improve their business.

Why Us?

So, the question is, ‘Why Raging Fitness?’…

And it is a good question, but has a simple and short answer as well as a longer more detailed answer.

The simple and short answer is because we are industry experts that have been in the industries for years and experienced different elements of the business coming out on top.

The longer more detailed answer well here goes. We have been in the space for over 10 years, and during those years, we have been active as sole trading as a self-employed Personal Trainer, as well as managing and implementing growth strategies into private gyms which used funds to run sports teams. So needless to say, we wasn’t implementing strategies that brought in a few hundreds of pounds or a handful of new customers. 

Plus the fact that we have also worked with MSK practitioners and therefore understand the basics of MSK services and the correlation to other supplementing services, as well as how this business runs and works typically.

Therefore, using these strategies, knowledge, and experience, we are confident that we can grow and run any business in this field. Whether that be taking over. or acquiring a business that offers owners a mutually beneficial solutions, and managing a business or coming in and consulting with a business.

We come with a team and we utilise all of our resources to make sure the job we do it top notch and nothing less. We offer what is required for the job and nothing less.

For a breakdown of the services we offer and what we do as a business, check out our here.