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Download FxSound – Boost Your Sound On Windows

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This new software boosts sound quality, volume, clarity and bass on your PC. FxSound will make your audio jump out of your speakers. Download the new FxSound for free. The best sound booster for Windows. We also have download links to DFX and FxSound Premium.

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Top 11 Audio Enhancer Software for Windows 10/11 and Mac


Along with our equalized boost means you can increase your volume without distortion. Unlike some other volume boosters out there. Learn more about how to boost volume with FxSound. Our equalizer and Bass effect give you more punch, clarity, and depth in the low end of your audio. And who doesn’t like more bass? Learn more about how to boost bass with FxSound. Your music files, even ones labeled as “high quality”, have some compromises.

Some of the original data is removed to make the file a more manageable size. When you stream your music, even more 1’s and 0’s are cut out to make it fast to deliver. As such, your favorite songs become flat, dull, and lifeless. This is where FxSound comes in. FxSound helps by giving you the highest possible audio passthrough and output.

Then, with targeted EQ , you can bring up those compressed areas and return your music to its proper form. Learn more about how to improve sound quality for music with FxSound. You need to transcribe quickly and accurately. You need to protect your ears so you don’t end up with hearing loss. And you need high quality, clear audio files to do that. Unfortunately, not all clients are created equal, and you end up having to work though some horrendous audio.

It makes it difficult to understand and transcribe, and turning up your volume to make out what’s being said will damage your ears over time. FxSound can fix all these problems. FxSound targets the frequency range of the human voice and cuts out the noise. It then boosts the volume of voices by almost double the amplitude. Additionally, the audio software offers some advanced sound editing tools, such as a list of presets configured for certain categories, including classical, blues, folk, jazz, techno, rock, hip-hop, and urban.

You can also create and save customized presets by adjusting the components in the audio editor. The most powerful feature in the sound editing tool is the ability to associate presets with specific songs. So, whenever the app detects playback, it switches to the correct preset and ensures an improved listening experience. You can use it to find artists, watch multimedia content, or learn more about the music industry.

To access the service, you can use your existing Facebook credentials. It not only improves the audio quality but gives various customization options to play around with playback. The Dynamic Boost is an amazing feature, which turns your basic speakers into a decent sound system. DFX Audio Enhancer is a powerful audio editor. You can use this in combination with the above to put a karaoke track closer to your range, or just hear what your favorite singer would sound like with a totally different voice.

This allows you to adjust the EQ options for your sound. You can pick from preset choices like Pop and Dance , or adjust each level manually if you see fit.

If this doesn’t meet your needs, check out the best Windows 10 sound equalizers. There’s one more Windows speaker enhancement that you should know about, though it isn’t in the same Enhancements tab as the others.

Instead, you’ll find this option in the Spatial sound tab. Here, change the dropdown from Off the default to Windows Sonic for Headphones. This is a lot like the virtual audio options discussed above: it tweaks the sound to make it seem like it’s coming from above or below you, instead of all being at the same horizontal level.

We’ve looked at Spatial Sound in Windows more closely if you’re interested. Now you know how to access the sound enhancements in Windows, and what they do.

While it’s worth trying these out, chances are you might not use any of them for long. Most of them come with drawbacks, as they distort audio in some way. Other features include a fully sizable interface and setup wizards to squeeze the top performance from your PC. AudioRetoucher , the best audio enhencer software for Windows 10, specializes in fine-tuning the sound pitch and tempo. After loading an audio file to it, you just need to drag the bar to adjust audio speed, tempo, volume, treble, bass, and volume.

It is preferred by many singers and instrumentalists when they need to deal with different keys. And DJs can use it to create seamless harmonic mixes by boosting the volume of certain audio tracks, and adjusting the bass and treble. It lets you add effects in real time to audio played via headphones or speakers on the computer.

To enhance the audio more accurately, it sets low and high pass filters for users to suppress noises at different frequencies. Besides, you can add unlimited audio effects including reverb, amplify, equalize, vibrate, tremolo, etc. It has given the maximum power to manipulate the audio on speakers. If you want professional listening experience, this software would help you a lot. Most audio enhancers can auto boost sound or let you customize the audio in real time.

But they do not perform the same to each. We finally draw a conclusion in terms of different needs, skills, devices, and budget. Cecilia Hwung is the marketing manager of Digiarty Software and the editor-in-chief of VideoProc team.

She pursues common progress with her team and expects to share more creative content and useful information to readers. She has strong interest in copywriting and rich experience in video editing tips. DeskFX is a powerful, feature-packed audio enhancer and graphic equalizer. Start enhancing your audio today. Get it Free. If you will be using DeskFX at home you can download the free audio effects program here.

Perfect Digital Processing Features Listening to streaming audio from your computer speakers never sounded so good.


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