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For each subentry, look at LoadBehavior in the right-hand panel and if it is 3 change it to 0. If the Palisade software now functions correctly, there was a conflict with another add-in or one of your own startup files. For some reason, the installer is having trouble getting access to files that are already installed, possibly because something is still running. The key is that your Office needs to be installed on the same computer as the Palisade software, not on a different computer or Web server. Here are the two causes and cures.


Microsoft Office install error – IS&T Contributions – Hermes.How to Fix Error on Windows 10/11 – Software Tested


I am repeatedly getting this installation error when attempting to install Office Professional Was this reply helpful? Yes No. Sorry this didn’t help. Before I initially installed Office I went in Control Panel – Programs and uninstalled the Office Desktop and the My Office as these 2 programs severely interfere with the activation process of Office.

They take it to O instead of the Office I installed and they also cause a registry mix up with the actual activation of Office I decided to take it back to the initial restore point before I began running all of the updates. And from that point I was getting, before I could install office that I must stop the antivirus that is running.

Hmm I thought, I have not even installed that yet. What I have had to do is a total reset on Windows 10 taking it back to an earlier version. It didn’t state what version but I’m guessing that it went from build back to the previous one. It went through with no problems.

Not sure what was going on with this software as I am familiar with installing Office and have never ran into this issue. Thinking that it had to do with the Build number and the installed updates somehow mixed with having a windows folder as well as a windows old folder.

Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community. NET Framework repair tool 3. Reboot 4. Get Help Request help from the Help Desk. Labels parameters Labels: None office office Delete. Yes No. Sorry this didn’t help. Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community. Search the community and support articles Install, redeem, activate Microsoft and Office Search Community member. AnnieWhiting Adams.

I have a brand new Sony Vaio laptop and have just purchased a new version of Office Home and Student but it won’t install. I get an Error message. I’ve installed Microsoft’s software download to fix and also put a USB drive in place which is the recommended workaround. I just purchased the surface pro 6 and I am trying to install office on Windows 10 bit and it gives me error This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread.

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Microsoft office 2013 installation error 1935 free


If that step does not work, you might have to remove your antivirus completely. Pro Tip: Run a dedicated PC optimization tool to get rid of incorrect settings, junk files, harmful apps, and security threats that can cause system issues or slow performance. That may suggest that your file system transaction is possibly corrupted. Hence, you need to clear your system log. Sometimes, error appears because there are problems in your system registry, which you can fix through proper modification.

Follow the steps below to know how:. You can also fix error by simply running the app in Compatibility Mode. Although this feature is designed for older apps, you can use it for newer ones, too. Latest: PeterOz 53 minutes ago. Business Applications. What Are You Watching? Latest: clementishutin Today at AM. Random Discussion. Apple to purchase EA Games? Tech-Related News. Wifi not showing Latest: steward Today at AM. General Security.

A perfect scam? Live Chat Tuesdays! Latest: Gr3iz Today at AM. Thank You My question is, how can I Hence, Office cannot be validated. Can you please help me fix this? Thank you! Users found this page by searching for:. However, the following items will be deleted: the list of websites you have visited, cookies, information entered in web forms, passwords, and other temporarily stored data.

Check the box next to each category you want to delete and select Delete. If there are many files, this may take some time. Important: Resetting Internet Explorer will remove links and Favorites. Internet Explorer will return to the state it was in immediately after the first installation. The results of resetting Internet Explorer cannot be undone. Note: Microsoft apps and services will no longer support Internet Explorer 11 on August 17, Learn more.

Please note that Internet Explorer 11 will remain a supported browser. Internet Explorer 11 is a component of the Windows operating system and complies with the lifecycle policy of the product in which it is installed. We’re working on a fix for issues you may experience with Office apps on Windows In the meantime, you can try the workarounds below.

Need more help? If these workarounds do not resolve your issue, contact support using one of the methods at the bottom of the page. Microsoft Office , , or almost always won’t install on Windows 7 or Windows 8 until it’s uninstalled and reinstalled. But if you need one or more of Excel’s own add-ins, before you re-enable them you should upgrade to the current release if you are eligible to upgrade.

Otherwise, to prevent a recurrence in RISK 6. Close Excel. Double-click the subkey for your version of Office: You need to double-click the word in the first column, not the text in the third column. This article is written in terms of RISK, but the same problem could happen with any of our add-ins. The software installed just fine, but when I launch it I get.

This policy setting called “Automation Security” determines whether an add-in is allowed to add helper add-ins. The normal value of the “Automation Security” setting, as recommended by Microsoft, is 1. But if it is set to 3, then Excel will not allow add-ins to load other add-ins, and RISK fails with the message above. This setting was always a problem, but beginning with release 7.

The solution depends on whether you’re dealing with a Group Policy setting or a direct edit to the System Registry:. Run Regedit, if your Windows login has permission. Under each one, delete AutomationSecurity or change its value to 1.

If you can’t make that change, or if it doesn’t stick when you restart Windows, talk to your IT department and get them to make the change for you. Follow this procedure:. Notice that there is no question mark at the start of this command, as you would use to display values. Close the Visual Basic Editor but keep Excel open.

X is 12 in Excel , 14 in Excel , 15 in Excel , and so on. Please ask your IT department to remove that policy setting. As a temporary workaround, you can follow this procedure if you have privilege to edit the System Registry. Even if you’re able to do this edit, you will probably have to do it again after any reboot of Windows. The best procedure is to get your IT department to remove the problem policy setting.

For run-time error in RISK 4. Please log on to Windows as a full administrator. Then re-run the installer and when prompted for Modify or Repair select Repair. In Windows 8, Windows 7, and Vista, you need to log on as a full administrator and also right-click the installer and select Run as administrator.

If you have a 8. Download that installer to your desktop, then right-click it and select Run as administrator. If you’re prompted for Modify or Repair, select Repair. If you see a Customer Information screen during install, change “day trial” to “I am upgrading or reinstalling”. Have your textbook handy, to answer the challenge question. You’ll get the 8. Applies to: NeuralTools 5. ActiveX component can’t create object. If you get this error the first time you run the Palisade software, make sure it’s supported in your Excel and Windows versions.

We have seen some cases where this error appears after Windows 10 updates, particularly the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. If your software was previously working in Windows 10, a repair install will fix the problem. Applies to: Palisade software releases 6. When I try to run the software, I get this error message:. This error from the FLEXnet licensing system seems to occur rarely, but for no very clear reason. First advice: simply close all instances of Excel and try running the software again.

Usually the error does not repeat, which is one reason it’s so difficult to pin down. If the error does repeat, run the software with administrative rights. This resolved it for both users who reported this experience. If running as administrator succeeds, you may want to try running as a regular user after that. Our end-user software does not normally require administrative rights to run; a Windows “regular user” account should be fine.

But privileges and access control are more complex in every new version of Windows, and it’s possible to create an account that shows as regular user in Control Panel even though it does not have the normal permissions of a regular user. In that case, running as administrator may be a quicker solution than trying to untangle the details of the permissions.

Response: Check in the root folder of your C: drive for a zero-byte file called Program. You may need to change Explorer options so that you can view hidden files and folders.

If you find that file, delete it. If the file doesn’t exist, or if deleting it doesn’t cure the problem, you may have a problem with the path of a service in Windows. Applies to: RISK 7. Automation error A dynamic link library DLL initialization routine failed. It looks like the cause is Bitdefender Total Security. If you turn off Advanced Threat Defense, it will let our software run as normal.

You should be able to turn Advanced Threat Defense back on if you look at the Bitdefender log, find which Palisade file s it didn’t like, and whitelist those specific files. Applies to: Evolver 6. Problem: I have bit Excel. When trying to launch one of these tools, I get the above error message. Response: This is caused by the Skype toolbar. Automation error Interface not registered. This is actually a problem in your Microsoft Office. Repairing Office should work, or you can reinstall Office.

If this doesn’t help, and you are running bit Office, it is possible that switching to bit Office will fix the problem. When I try to launch the Palisade software, I get the error message. Automation error: Library not registered.

I’ve tried repairing the Palisade software , but that didn’t help. This appears to be due to an error in the System Registry entries for Excel, not Palisade. If you have Excel and you have the option to upgrade to , several users reported that upgrading fixed their problem.

This error is especially likely if you have multiple versions of Excel and uninstall one of them. In that case, one or more keys in the System Registry are left behind pointing to the version of Excel that no longer exists. To remove these “orphan” keys, please follow the procedure in Removing Outdated References to Office from the System Registry.

There’s a special case, as of When you install Skype for Business , it installs this System Registry key:. If your Palisade software was working, and it stops working when you install Skype for Business , and you don’t have Office installed, remove that key. Automation error The callee server [not server application] is not available and disappeared; all connections are invalid. The call may have executed.

Response: This may arise from incompatibility with a third-party add-in. The only one that we know of at this writing is Morningstar Commodity Add-In 3. It is not necessary to uninstall the add-in, but you will need to disable it while running RISK. If you recently installed some other third-party add-in and this message began appearing with RISK, try disabling that add-in and see if RISK now runs successfully. If it does, please contact Technical Support so that we may update this article.

When I launch the software, I get a popup with this message:. Automation error: The remote procedure call failed. Our software can run in a regular user account, but it must be installed with full administrative rights. If that was not done, then right-click the installer and select Run as administrator. You will probably get a prompt asking you whether to modify, repair, or remove; select Repair. If you have release 7. Please see the article Data Execution Prevention. Work through section A, and also if necessary work through section B.

See item 2 in Microsoft Components Required for Palisade 7. Response: You have a standalone workstation copy of the software. Standalone copies are designed to be operated while you are physically present at the computer. By design, it is not possible to remote in and run a standalone copy of the software.

If you wish to use Palisade software with Terminal Services, Remote Desktop, or other forms of remote access, please contact your Palisade sales representative to convert your standalone license to a concurrent network license. ClassFactory cannot supply requested class.

Applies to: TopRank 5. When I try to run TopRank I get this error message:. Run-time error ‘ ‘ Automation error ClassFactory cannot supply requested class. The installer program failed to register the TopRankModel. Please follow these instructions:. Open an elevated command prompt Start » Run may not work. Right-click it and select Run As Administrator.

Ask your IT people to perform this procedure if you don’t have that option. Applies to: All Palisade products that run as Excel add-ins. When I start one of your products, I get “compile error in hidden module”. If you have a beta version of Google Desktop, this is a known issue. To fix the problem, simply download and install a later version of Google Desktop.

If you have an early version of Excel XP, this is a known issue. Please download and install the service pack for Excel XP from Microsoft’s site. If the above suggestions don’t apply to you or don’t resolve the problem, please follow the suggestions in Find and Fix Startup Conflicts Excel — or Find and Fix Startup Conflicts Excel and Earlier.

Most likely this is a conflict with another add-in or with one of your own startup files. Please see the appropriate article for your version of Excel:. If you have ruled out startup conflicts, it’s possible that an Excel or RISK file has become corrupted. Applies to: All Palisade add-ins for Excel. Could not attach to the already running copy of Microsoft Excel because it is invisible or unresponsive.

Here are the two causes and cures. Most likely, there is an instance of Excel running in the background that needs to be stopped. To do this:. If this is an ongoing problem, you should investigate what is spawning these background processes of Excel.

For example, some releases of certain third-party Excel add-ins create background processes of Excel and do not terminate them properly. This can happen when another Excel add-in or startup file takes too long to start, so that RISK eventually gives up waiting for a response from Excel. You can fix this in any of three ways:. Solution 1: Disable the other startups, them add them back one at a time to determine which one is the problem.

Solution 3: Start Excel yourself. This has the disadvantage that you have to do it every time, but it doesn’t require you to reconfigure Excel as Solutions 1 and 2 do. Could not contact the Microsoft Excel application.

Applies to: The DecisionTools Suite 4. I purchased a textbook and installed the software. But when I try to launch it, I get this error message:.

Your textbook software is release 4. We have released quite a few versions since then, and you need the current release. Uninstall the 4. Visit our textbook software page and enter your book’s digit ISBN. If your book is supported, you will be guided to download and install the current software.

If your book is not supported, and you’ve carefully verified the ISBN, please send a note to our Academic Sales Manager and explain the situation. Please include the following:. Applies to: Palisade add-ins for Excel, all releases. When I try to launch one of the Palisade tools I get this error message:.

Could not launch the Excel executable. If your maintenance contract is current, make sure that you have applied the latest updates for the Palisade products in which this error is occurring.

After applying the update, re-test the problem. If the problem persists, you can force the Palisade product to launch Excel by specifying the path to the Excel. When I try to launch my software, I get the message.

DLL” Textbook Software. If you upgraded commercial software from 4. You previously had a 4. Since the actual add-in file no longer exists on your computer, you get this error. The solution is to remove the add-in from the list, as follows:. Delete from list? I installed the software from the CD without a problem. But when I try to launch my software, I get the message.

Any other copy of our software on CD is likely to be several years out of date. Please follow this procedure to unload the obsolete software and install current software for your course work:. Please follow this link to select your textbook download the software. You will use your textbook to answer a question and unlock the download. If your textbook and specific edition are not shown there, please email Palisade Technical Support.

Give the full title and edition number of the textbook, and we will send you a download link. Email only, please; we’re unable to do this by phone or in live chat.

Applies to: Palisade add-ins for Excel, releases 5. When I try to launch one of the Palisade tools, I get this error message:. Could not start the Microsoft Excel application. This can happen after you upgrade Excel or the Palisade software, depending on the exact sequence of events. First, verify that Palisade software is installed on the same computer or server as Excel; you can’t run our software on your computer with Excel on the Web or otherwise in the cloud.

Then, try double-clicking an. XLSX file to verify that Excel is properly set up to open them. If those checks succeed, then any of the following options will solve “Could not start the Microsoft Excel application”:. Error accessing file. Network connection may have been lost. If you Google the error message, you will find numerous references to this message in various Microsoft Office programs.

In a Project context, it appears your Global. If you don’t have any customizations in Global. If the above shorter solution doesn’t work for you, or if you have customizations that you don’t want to lose, please try this solution that we found in an article at Tech Republic. Essentially you will delete and recreate the Global. Applies to: Palisade software releases 5. When I try to launch the software, I get the error message.

Something is stopping the license service from running. If you have a Windows policy setting that allows only specified executables, verify that PalFlexServer5. Click Start » Run, type Services.

If it’s Disabled, right-click it, select Properties, and set it to Manual. When I try to launch the software from a desktop icon or start menu shortcut, I get this message:. Depending on which product you launch, there may be additional text, but “Error in loading DLL” is the key phrase.

You may unintentionally be loading multiple copies of RISK. NET may not be registered properly. Please follow the procedure to re-register Visual Basic 6 Runtime. If the software runs now, you have solved the problem. If the problem still occurs, your System Registry may contain one or more references to a version of Excel that no longer exists on your computer.

See also: Microsoft. Applies to: All Palisade software releases 5. When I try to run my Palisade software, I get the message. In Computer or My Computer , navigate to the Palisade installation folder, then open the System folder under the Palisade folder. The full path is shown in the error message. Follow the repair procedure in Repair of Palisade Software. If the above does not work, check your Local Settings folder and make sure that it has not been set to read only.

Everything was working fine, but I upgraded to Windows 8. Help » License Manager tells me “Failure: License is broken. Windows 10 updates, or upgrading a computer to Windows 8. The upgrade should have no effect on certificate licenses, including textbook and course licenses.

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