Check out our frequently asked questions. We will add to these with newer ones as they come in.


What experience do you have in business?

We are a team of individuals that have a vast range of skillsets, from social media to operations to finance that we bring to the table having seen and worked with many businesses and in many capacities. Our CEO has over 10 years of extensive business experience from starting, running, and mentoring businesses. He has a vast range of skill sets in the Health, Fitness and Wellness industry in a variety of capacities also.

Do you mainly focus on the Health, Fitness and Wellness industry?

Yes, we do mainly focus on this industry as it has a direct correlation to our aims and missions as a business. But if you do have something to show/contact us with outside of this industry, feel free to contact us here, and we will see if it is something of interest to someone in our network. Obviously, the criteria will differ but happy to see if we can help either way.

How do you work? What is your process?

Well, this is our process:

          1. We get an enquiry from someone

2. We then do preliminary research into the enquiry to see if it fits our criteria and ticks all our boxes

3. If it ticks all our boxes, we then vet the opportunity to see if it is something we would look at, at a deeper level

4. If it is something we look at, we contact the individual, and discuss and get more detail

5. We then do our research on the additional information provided

6. If this is something that still interests us, and we believe we may be able to help, we then contact the individual to schedule an E-meeting or we arrange to meet as the business’ location

7. We do further research of the business, and do our deeper level research like DD, and finances

8. We then provide a solution/proposal for them to consider

9. Finally, we either agree on the deal or walk away

How long can a process last?

This varies hugely, we can go from start to close in weeks or months, depending on the details involved and size of the business/deal. Also, varies on the service which we will be provided, e.g. and Acquisition may take longer than an advisory/consulting role.

Is there any prior information to put together before contacting you?

Yes, we recommend having the latest business financials and business plan ready prior to contacting us to prevent a delay in the process listed above.

Do you tend to look at all opportunities that come through to you?

Yes, but it is typically vetted according to extremely strict preliminary criteria, therefore it is a ‘quicker’ process, but we cannot get back to everyone because the volume of enquiries may be high. We do aim to help where we can in the form of brief advice where possible. Unless we are notified that its something outside of our scope (refer to the above question to see what we mean)

If you have any further enquires, Feel free to contact us here or via the live chat feature