Our Services

Check out our main service as well as the how and why we do it.

Acquisition of businesses

Making sure both parties end up with a win-win situation. We do this by considering all parties and we specifically make sure that we also consider the sellers goals and future, in order to make sure what we offer actually plays out to allow the business owner to carry on what their plans post sale, however we can.


This is a more hands-on service where we are part of the day-to-day activities. This service is a role where we become part of the day-to-day activities and we then work out a plan of action and help execute the plan with the owner/CEO.

Investing in businesses

Financially and/or via offering our services for equity. Some businesses require funds, and some require our experience and knowledge, so in order to work out which is required, we tend to have a chat with the business owner, and make sure that we are able to provide what is required and agreeable on both parties. If an agreement cannot be put in place to meet all party’s needs, we tend to walk away as we aren’t sharks and the solution MUST suit all parties.


This is a more hands-off service where we advise rather than ‘do’. Like the consulting role, but more of a bird’s eye view approach where we will advise on a plan of action based on a sole walk through of the business as it is and then give the plan to the decision maker to execute.