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Speak-to-Mail Free to try. In перейти new Window that appears, click on Start Speech Recognition. Control your computer using natural language voice commands.

27 Best Free Speech to Text Software for Windows, Android, iOS And Mac


Jump to navigation. The best speech recognition software makes your voice as productive as your hands. It lets you control your devices or browsers, and manage your day-to-day surroundings. One of the best features of voice recognition software is dictation.

Using speech-to-text technology, it transcribes what you say, as you say it, with few errors. You can speak notes to yourself on the go and have them sent by text or email. Longer texts are also not a problem for the best voice recognition apps.

Voice recognition software are apps where you use your voice and speak in natural language. The best voice recognition software turns speech to text, and understands spoken commands. Most people are familiar with personal assistants. These include Apple Siri, which came out first in Then there was Microsoft Cortana and Amazon Alexa which both came out in In we got the OK Google Assistant. Interfacing with technology through speaking is becoming more important. And with more and better microphones on all our devices, we hardly need headsets anymore to use the best speech recognition software.

There are two relationships between the speaker and the voice recognition software. The first is when the app learns the speech of one single speaker. This is called speaker-dependent. It’s great for iOS devices and Android devices. Then there is speaker-independent software. This isn’t trained on one user. It can be used for any speaker equally. This is common in automated phone services.

It’s also great for meetings. Some of the best dictation software can even recognize different voices and split the conversation. One of the main things you can do with voice recognition is dictation. The app transcribes your text as you speak in real-time. The transcription can often be edited and shared in texts or emails. Great transcription software understands context too.

It won’t mistake “my bare hands” for “my bear hands. Voice commands are another useful tool. They let you control your computer without using the keyboard or mouse. This can be great for giving the hands a rest. It is also helpful to people with disabilities.

Voice recognition software can also be a personal assistant. As a virtual assistant, it can set reminders, send texts, schedule calendar events, and more all using voice commands. These can also be used personally for IoT devices like your music or room temperature. Just about anybody would find some voice recognition apps useful.

Voice recognition is great to help you with your day-to-day. From setting reminders and placing online orders to controlling your electricity or heating. They are also great work tools. Transcription software is very useful in a meeting or at a conference. It’s also good for when you have a lot of ideas and they are coming out faster than you can type. Some of the best transcription software lets teams collaborate on transcriptions, which is a great boost for a startup or any company. Writers also benefit greatly from speech to text tools.

Whether it’s for jotting down long notes while out and about, or dictating page after page when home working.

Journalists can also use dictation apps when doing interviews. It won’t be long until voice command technology takes over in many areas of our lives. Like driving, where our hands should stay on the wheel.

The same is true for professionals like surgeons or automobile mechanics where hands-free is cleaner or safer. Below are 14 of the best voice recognition apps for dictation. Many of these apps have other features too like voice control and virtual assistants. We compare the features and see which voice recognition software is the best overall, for dictation, for Windows, and other categories. Dragon Naturallyspeaking is the suite of speech recognition apps by Nuance. This is a conversational AI company focusing on listening and analysis.

Dragon speech recognition software uses deep learning technology. That’s one of the highest rates out there. Aside from dictation, Dragon uses voice recognition for voice commands. You can browse the web, send emails or publish reports. Dragon integrates with Microsoft Office.

Dragon comes in several tiers. Otter is a very professional tool for transcribing speech and conversations. It’s great for meetings and conferences. It’s all done on the cloud and works well on mobile devices and iPads. You can record any conversation right from your smartphone or laptop.

You get real-time transcriptions of the text. You can then edit the text. It lets you add speaker notes, images, video files and audio files. The transcriptions are also fully searchable. It’s also easy to share and collaborate on transcriptions with teams. There’s a free version of Otter with minutes of transcriptions per month. Speechnotes is built using Google’s speech recognition technology. One thing about Speechnotes is that it is completely online. No downloading is required.

But you’ll always need an internet connection. Anyone can learn Speechnotes in seconds. You visit the site, activate your microphone and start dictating. The transcription works in real-time. There are also many voice commands to edit the text, which you use by holding down ‘enter’ and speaking. Though this is free, you can get a premium version from the Google Chrome web store. ListNote, by Khymaera, is a free mobile app for Android devices.

It is a pure speech to text platform, with ease of use as its top-selling point. This is a great tool for writers, bloggers and journalists. You can easily create notes with dictation. All notes and texts are searchable.

Your notes can be easily shared in emails, text messages and even Twitter. ListNote has some good organizational features. You can group notes in categories.

Website: ListNote. Windows Speech Recognition is the standard speech recognition and voice command tool for the Windows platform. It’s very simple to use but still quite powerful. You can use Windows Speech Recognition in any web browser.

It also works in any web application. You can open whatever writing app you normally use and turn it into dictation software. There you can use formatting commands and correction commands. There is a personal dictionary as well that saves your unique words. Windows Speech Recognition also works alongside Microsoft Cortana, which is a virtual personal assistant. Website: Windows Speech Recognition. Braina is a personal virtual assistant.


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2) Microsoft Dictate. 3) Google Docs Voice Typing.


Voice control pc software free for windows 10

Voice recognition and system control utility. Nitrous Voice Flux is a good, free software only available for Windows, that belongs to the category Audio. 14) Dragon Professional Individual. #1) Dragon Professional Best as an overall dictation and voice recognition software. Dragon Professional Pricing: Dragon Home is for $, Dragon Professional.

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